2014 Oscars Best Dressed List

If it’s the Oscars, you know that I have to be putting together a best dressed list for the ten most beautifully attired females in attendance. In order to avoid copyright violations, I am going to be linking to pictures of the garments in question rather than stealing them and posting them here. Just click on the name of any of these ladies to see what I am talking about.

10. Jennifer Lawrence – A classic red peplum dress; nice and glamorous, though it could have done with some more glitzy jewelry. (It’s the Oscars: if you’re not going to go with the glitz here, then where else?)

9. Naomi Watts – She played Princess Diana this year in a film that was widely panned, but this dress, which looks as if it could have been worn by Di herself, gets an ‘A’ grade from me.

8. Angelina Jolie – Metallics were definitely the trend of the night, and I had to leave a few good ones of this list (Jennifer Garner, Emma Watson, etc.). This silvery design seemed perfectly suited to the woman who seems to shun the title Mrs. Pitt.

7. Sandra Bullock – This was my favorite navy of the evening, and it came with a twist (literally)!

6. Julia Roberts – I really liked the black lace. Perhaps Julia should be coming to these things more often?

5. Kate Hudson – Multiple women went for some kind of fabric over the shoulder, but this one seemed to work the best without looking in any way, well, old.

4. Charlize Theron – Here is a lady who has had some ups and downs over the years, but this year she went with basic black, albeit a very sexy basic black. Loved it!

3. Sally Hawkins – I have been wanting this woman to get nominated for a while, and I am pleased to see that her choice of dress has made me just as happy. The most heavily beaded of the many metallic dresses on display, it still remained tasteful. The more neutral color helped to keep it from becoming gaudy.

2. Lupita Nyong’o – Her skin tone makes it possible for her to pull off colors that would never work on me, and boy did she pull off this baby blue number. I absolutely loved this Grecian-inspired gown with a beautifully flowing skirt.

1. Cate Blanchett – It is simply unfair that a woman could be this beautiful, this talented, and this good of a dresser all at the same time. Of all the dresses I saw this year, this was the one I most wanted to try on. Congrats on the win Cate!

Prior to the birth of Church & State, the winners for the previous two years were Jennifer Garner (2013) and Jessica Chastain (2012).