Seeking a Cure for Writer’s Block

Lately, I’ve found it difficult to settle on a topic to which I can devote the energy necessary to create a really good blog post. There is just very little to inspire me at the present time, and nothing so interesting as some of the other things I am working on away from this blog. A few of you have probably been disappointed by the lack of content, and for that I apologize.

I am willing to make a deal with you. If you like my writing enough to miss it, then I am asking you to make a minimal contribution to keep it going. Please reply to this post with your comments regarding what topic you would like to see me address. I’d like to think I’m versatile enough to come up with something halfway decent in response to whatever you might suggest. What I am really lacking is motivation, so if you can demonstrate your interest to me, perhaps that will help to get me going.

On the other hand, if no one replies, then I will assume that there is no reason for me to be worried about not posting since it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. So come one and give me your ideas! I retain my right to veto, but I have enough faith in my readers to believe that I won’t need to use it. Here’s hoping this works out!

3 thoughts on “Seeking a Cure for Writer’s Block

  1. I’d be interested in a entry on US meddling in the rest of the Americas on behalf of corporations (such as the Guatemala coup for the United Fruit Company) with a focus on if/where this is still occurring at present.

  2. With ISIS, Ebola, and Mid Terms, what is going on with Iran Nukes, Putin’s Growing empire, and China’s vision for Hong Kong?

  3. Are you not interested in the elections? Ebola?
    Voter fraud? Iran’s atomic progress? Why do we keep hearing that Iran will have a bomb in six months? But, it doesn’t happen–Why? Obama/Kerry/Iranian Atomic Centrifuge possible treaty deal (or betrayal, as the case may be)? Will Progressive/Liberals succeed in “changing” America, or will the pendulum swing?
    Islam? The rise of Islamic terrorism, root causes? Is terrorism mainstream Islam, or a perversion of Islam?
    Do you ever delve into the subject of economics? If so, how about the rise of Bitcoins? Will Bitcoins destroy the dollar as the world’s currency?
    How about energy? You could go places studying how energy sources and distribution affects geo-politics. Look at what the Liberals have done to the US’s place in energy politics, i.e. coal, oil, natural gas, bio-fuel, wind, solar, etc. and how free enterprise on private lands have thwarted that agenda, re: oil and natural gas.
    Tell us why Pres. O. favors open borders/no borders. No one has successfully looked into his mind. Lots try.
    Analzyse the social media’s affect on geo-politics.
    Have I hit you, yet?
    Personally, I still have plenty of your old postings to keep me busy for a while, but you should try to post once a month, minimum. Keep your entries shorter, or break up long ones into daily posts on a particular subject–one or two paragraphs each day. You don’t have time now for long treatises.
    I think you have tried too hard to remain neutral as it pertains to politics, which is a noble endeavor, but limits you, somewhat. With Nov. elections coming, you can’t write and stay neutral. Maybe after the elections you will be motivated to analyse what just happened.
    And then there’s gun rights. Plenty of room for analysis of gun-free zones vs. gun rights zones.
    Explain “Chicago” politics, or the new one, “Chicago/Colorado” politics.
    We enjoy your satire. How about an analysis of how women’s skirt lengths forecast the economy’s ups and downs.
    What worries you?
    What amuses you?
    What interests you?

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