A Sickness Not Unto Death (I Hope)


I regret that I have recently slowed down with my writing due to illness. I am very hopeful that I will be feeling better soon, but until that time, if you are looking for something to read, try one or more of the essays under the “Reconciliation” tab above. Your prayers for my recovery would be much appreciated, as this has been a long-running ordeal.



2 thoughts on “A Sickness Not Unto Death (I Hope)

  1. Amy, I know you have been under a doctor’s care, and your dad’s, and had a bunch of tests. They have tested your house and have ruled out all the obvious things, and so you need to get to the bottom of this mysterious illness. If there is any possibiliity that it is environmental, you can rule that out by going home for a week. Your mother wants you home.
    If that doesn’t help …
    Very soon, you may need to go to Mayo Bros. and go through their clinic. (Rochester, MN, or Phoenix, AZ.) Make an appointment or have your doctor make an appointment so he can send them your test results, so far.

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