Seminary Courses Available for Free (and without any Nasty Homework!)


Welcome to the 21st century, when it is entirely possible to take seminary classes without paying any money, writing any papers, taking any tests, or indeed registering for said classes. The only thing holding you back from a seminary education is the amount of time you are able or willing to commit. As the Apostle Paul would say, “You are without excuse.”

I first began listening to seminary courses through the iTunesU app. If you have an Apple device, you can watch or listen to a wide variety of courses for free from the following institutions, just to name a few: Biola University, Concordia Seminary (St. Louis), Covenant Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Knox Theological Seminary, Liberty University, Reformed Theological Seminary, Westminster Seminary California, and Westminster Theological Seminary.

In addition, certain seminaries have posted videos of their courses on YouTube. You can watch a number of full courses from schools like Dallas Theological Seminary, The Master’s Seminary, and Puritan Theological Seminary in this manner. I will now mention a few particular courses that you may wish to view on YouTube.

Systematic Theology with Scott Swain

Although Dr. Swain is a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, this course was actually taught at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando for average churchgoers. It is therefore highly accessible and well worth 7 hours or so of your time.

Early & Medieval Church History with Ryan Reeves

Dr. Reeves teaches at the Jacksonville campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. These videos, each around 30 minutes long, provide an excellent introduction to the early years of Christianity…in other words, most of Christian history. Also, there are pictures. Dr. Reeves also has additional lectures on the Reformation, Modern Church History, and Lewis & Tolkien.

The Reformation with Carl Trueman

I wouldn’t call Dr. Trueman a friend of the site or even a friend. He’s more like a frenemy. (I think he knows my name…maybe.) He is, however, an excellent resource on all things related to the Reformation, which he is constantly banging on about. While he is normally present at Westminster Theological Seminary, this course represents a brief jaunt that the future Porcupine of Princeton made to the West Coast earlier this year. There are some questionable neck tie selections, but overall the course is well worth your time.

Puritan Theology with Joel Beeke

You would be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable about this group of Christians than Dr. Beeke. As it turns out, they didn’t all pin scarlet letters to one another and wear funny hats. I am currently watching this course when I have the time and have learned a lot so far. Plus, it was filmed at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, which is close to where I was born and raised.

The Benedict Option with Rod Dreher

This is not truly a course but rather a series of talks that the most famous (or infamous) Orthodox writer in this country gave at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary…or is it Southern Seminary? I’m so confused! In any case, I include this because it is what everyone is talking about, or at least they were a few weeks back.

There you have it, readers! Go forth and learn!