Theology Gals Podcast

I was recently honored to appear on an episode of the Theology Gals podcast, which is on the awesomely named Bible Thumping Wingnut network. We discussed my recent articles about Tim Keller. You can listen to the podcast here. I really enjoyed speaking with Coleen and Ashley about these important issues, and I would encourage my readers to take a listen to some of the other episodes of this podcast as well. They have a Facebook page specifically for women, but the things they have to say are useful for all Christians to hear. Keep it up, ladies!

The articles about Keller can be found here and here.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit – What It Means For Us

An original Gutenberg Bible photographed by Kevin Eng

This is the latest in a series of essays on the topic of baptism. You can find links to the previous articles at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for returning to what I hope will be my last essay on the topic of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Yikes, this has taken a long time! Somewhat contrary to my original plan, I have decided to focus on what exactly the Spirit does in the life of the believer and then use that information to determine exactly who receives the Spirit. Let me restate that in my opinion, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is simply the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the life of a regenerate believer. I also hold that while the Spirit has been equally active in both the Old and New Testament periods, there have been some differences in how He operates, namely that things are now more internal and less external. The Old Testament saints therefore experienced some of the benefits that we enjoy today, but not all of them. They certainly received all that was necessary for salvation, and the biggest difference we see in this regard is not between the Old Testament saints and the New Testaments ones, but between those who are made regenerate by the Spirit and those who are not. Having reviewed all those points, let us continue. Continue reading

New Series of Articles on Family Worship at “Meet the Puritans”

A depiction of the Puritan writer Oliver Heywood from an 1827 edition of his works

Hello friends! I have not been writing as much for my blog these past few weeks. Part of that is due to ill health. It is also partly because I have been contributing articles to the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. You will find two of my essays over at Place for Truth: one on Trinitarian errors and the other on B.B. Warfield’s understanding of the sufficiency of Scripture. Over at Meet the Puritans, you can read a series of four articles I have written about Oliver Heywood’s The Family Altar, which outlines several Puritan principles regarding family worship. These are important topics, and I was so glad to have the chance to address them. If you have some time, head on over and check them out.