Some Articles You Might Have Missed in 2017

Photo by Wikipedia user Ondrejk

As we are about to enter 2018, I am giving in to societal pressure and releasing a yearly review article. My readership has grown over the course of this year, and I suspect that some people may like to see what they missed earlier in 2017. Therefore, here is a kind of greatest hits list…though I’m sure your own opinions on the matter will be mixed.

Boaz is a Hero for our Time 12/20

Unchanging Love, Unchanging God 12/13

Sexual Abuse isn’t just Hollywood’s Problem 11/13

Do Baptists have a Right to Celebrate the Reformation? 10/30

Out of Egypt: My Four Years Working for a Foreign Government 10/11

Why Did God Make Me a Woman? 9/25

The Nashville Statement, Procreation, and the Purpose of Marriage 8/31

An Examination of Tim Keller’s Views on the Trinity 7/26

Is Wonder Woman a Good Example of Biblical Womanhood? 7/6

On Sin 6/15

Treating People as more than just Bodies 5/24

What are You Building with that Social Media Account? 5/9

For You and for Your Children: The Curse and the Promise 4/11

How Christ Redeemed Our Suffering 3/21

The Perils of Pastoral Power 3/8

“I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach” 2/21

B.B. Warfield in Dayton 2/16

Which Gender is God? 2/11

Being Female in the Era of Trump 1/23

The Reformer Who Wrote Erotic Poetry 1/17

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