Ohio State vs. Michigan: 15 Years of “The Game”

Ohio State faces Michigan in the 2013 edition of their annual rivalry game.  Photo by Michael Barera

Ohio State faces Michigan in the 2013 edition of their annual rivalry game. Photo by Michael Barera

I felt many different things during yesterday’s Ohio State-Michigan game.  That is what comes from watching your team put its unbeaten record on the line against its long-time rival in a battle of seesawing scores and emotions.  At various points, I felt elated, exhausted, annoyed, anxious – pretty much all of the emotions you would expect a serious college football fan to face during such a game.  However, there was one thing I felt more than any other, perhaps surprisingly so: I felt old. Continue reading

Mythbusters: SEC Football Edition

SEC BIG 10 Logos

The Southeastern Conference and Big Ten Conference logos are both trademarks of their respective owners. They are part of the Wikimedia Creative Commons collection and are used here for commentary purposes only.

My readers are most likely familiar with the television show Mythbusters, which takes a claim that is generally believed to be true (or at least intensely debated) and puts it to the test.  Today, I am going to do something similar, only with less explosions.  I am going to examine a claim that is often repeated in the world of college football fanatics: that the Southeastern Conference (SEC) has the best teams and/or is the best performing conference.

Full disclosure here: I grew up in the Midwest and am a fan of the BIG 10 conference.  My particular loyalty is to The Ohio State University, but I also want to see the conference do well as a whole.  Whether in its 10, 11, 12, or 14 team form, I would put its history, traditions, and fan loyalty second to none.  Thus, it is not with complete happiness that I have witnessed this ever increasing SEC superiority complex.

Granted, the SEC is a great conference in its own right.  Its fans are equally rabid and its traditions equally hallowed.  Had I grown up in SEC land, I’m sure I would be just as ardent a supporter of that conference as I am of the BIG 10, which is why I am so thankful that God did not assign me to that fate. Continue reading