How Becoming a Buckeye Changed Me

Giving a show of support to my team before they played Michigan State in 2007.

The world is full of conversion tales: people who switched from Christianity to Islam, Democrats who decided to become Republicans, Samsung fanboys who ran to the Apple store when their Galaxy Note 7 exploded. (You lie, Christoph Waltz! Loved you in those Tarantino films though…) To that list I will add one more – the tale of my decision to cheer for The Ohio State University in college athletics.

To most people out there, this may seem a moot point. Who cares which football team is my favorite? The rest of you may question why I choose to highlight my preference for the Buckeyes so soon after they received a 31-0 thrashing at the hands of Clemson University in the College Football Playoff, a most embarrassing fate indeed that capped off an unspectacular postseason for the previously vaunted Big Ten (but really 14) Conference. But I say, what better time for me to show support for my team? They clearly need it! Continue reading