The Heroes Among Us Who Brought Down Larry Nassar

Over the past year, I have become acquainted with many wonderful people on Twitter, along with a few not so wonderful people. Social media is certainly a mixed bag, but one meeting I look on quite positively is my encounter with Jacob Denhollander. Jacob is a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary training for the ministry. His love for God and His Word runs deep. He also happens to share many of my confessional beliefs. Time and again, he entertains us all with his humor, passionate love for hockey, devotion to the nation of his birth (Canada), and knowledge of Russian zombie surfer bands (a genre I previously did not know existed).

It was only after I had come to know Jacob in various Twitter interactions that I became aware of something that has dominated his life for the past two years. I knew that he was married, but it was only upon further acquaintance that I realized that his wife was the first person to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual abuse.

Larry Nassar is a convicted sex criminal, having already pled guilty to charges of child pornography and sexually abusing dozens (if not hundreds) of women. He was a former physician specializing in sports medicine who worked with Twistars USA Gymnastics Club, USA Gymnastics, and Michigan State University. In his capacity as the doctor for USAG, he performed “treatments” at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, TX (an official USOC training camp) and traveled with Team USA to the Olympic Games. In his role as a medical authority, he was able to perform sex acts on unsuspecting girls and young women, all the while convincing them that these were legitimate medical procedures. It has now been legally established that they were actually heinous instances of sexual abuse. This week, he is expected to be sentenced for these crimes—that is, if the train of women making victim impact statements ever ends. This is a day of reckoning that was long in coming, and it finally arrived thanks to the bravery of Rachael Denhollander. Continue reading