Why the Ads?

Dear Readers,

You might have noticed that we now have an ad on the right-hand side of the screen.  I always hoped that we could keep this place ad free, and I want you to know that I didn’t cave in for monetary reasons.  While it is possible that some day I could see a very small payment in exchange for this advertising space, the only motivation behind this decision was the opportunity to be part of the BlogHer network.  They require that I put at least one ad on my site in order to be publicized on theirs, and my hope is that this will prove to be a very minor distraction for those who visit this site.  I have made an effort to block less scrupulous advertisements, but if for some reason you see something objectionable appearing in that space, please let me know and I will do what I can to get rid of it.  Also, head on over to www.blogher.com, where you can find articles written by females such as myself on a wide variety of issues.  Thank you once again for visiting Church & State!


Amy Mantravadi

International Tiger Day

DC20079 026

Two Sumatran tigers at the Smithsonian National Zoo in 2007

Today is International Tiger Day, which is aimed at creating awareness of the dangers facing the world’s dwindling tiger population and promoting measures to help preserve one of the world’s most amazing and beloved animals.  As some animal, but I was also born in the year of the tiger according to the Chinese zodiac.  The  tiger is also considered to be a national symbol of India, where much of my husband’s family comes from.  If you too love the tiger, consider making a small donation to help preserve the wild tiger population, or just read about the conservation efforts that are taking place in countries like India, Russia, and Indonesia.  I am including a few links that might be helpful.

First, take a look at the work that World Wildlife Fund is doing.  They are one of the main organizations working on this issue and have a positive track record.  Two other groups that are well established include the Save the Tiger Fund and Panthera.  They have a joint initiative that you can read about here.  Finally, check out this story from Deutsche Welle today that draws attention to the inadequacy of captive breeding programs as the sole method of preventing the tiger’s extinction.

We’ve Arrived!

While your host was on the road yesterday, Church & State passed a major website milestone.  For the first time, we received spam in the comments section!  This must mean that the world has discovered the wonder of this site.  However, it also places a responsibility on our loyal readers to make sure that real comments outnumber fake ones.  Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to achieve that.  On a related note, you can expect slightly less opining from yours truly this week as I will be a few miles out of the country.  In the meantime, try out our new Facebook feature, which allows you to officially “like” C & S for all the world to see.  Our actual Facebook page needs some work, but in the future this will allow anyone who likes this site to receive every post directly in their news feed.  Posting every update to all of my Facebook friends will surely become wearing eventually, so at the risk of sounding repetitive, “like” us today to get updates tomorrow (or at any point in the future).

Progress Makes Perfect

As the days go by, construction continues on Church & State.  There is a lot of work still to be done, but the posts will keep coming in the meantime.  Check back occasionally to see what updates have been made.   Soon everything will be nice and shiny…

Under Construction

All that construction noise you’re hearing is the sound of progress.  I’m building a website where my friends and I can share our views on a range of different issues.  Yep, because we don’t have enough websites for people to post their opinions already.  Ok, here’s hoping that things will be presentable soon.